How To Decorate A White Mantel Piece

Before you go ahead and paint your white mantelpiece, take another look at it. The color white is really great when you want to display your collectibles and cherished objects. Yes, it is easy to become tempted by more contemporary colors, but there is nothing that shows off your favorite possessions better.

But, what if you don’t have any favorite possessions? In that case, let us give you some ideas on how you can turn your white mantelpiece into a living room centerpiece.

How To Decorate A White Mantel Piece

Do you need to spend a fortune? No, you don’t need to spend money that you don’t have to make your white mantelpiece stand out.

One of the cheapest ways to decorate a mantelpiece of any color is to use candles. When your mantelpiece happens to be white, you should go for brightly colored candles such as vivid greens and pinks. Red is for Christmas and it goes without saying that yellow is for Easter.

Add some natural objects such as large pine cones, and you will have a white mantelpiece to be proud of when you look at it.

Silver, White, And A Touch Of Brass

White is also a great color when you want to display your treasure trove of brass and silver objects. The color really lifts both metals and makes them shine. Of course, it is important that you polish them before you put them on display, but once you have done so, they will look amazing on your white mantelpiece.

If you don’t have any silver or brass trinkets, look out for them in yard sales or second-hand stores. They do turn up. Silver photo frames are very popular and are going up in price. Do make sure that you look out for them.

On top of that, you should also add some plants. Kalanchoe is one flowering plant that does well inside a room. The flowers are long-lasting, and if you look after the plant, it will flower for you on many more occasions.

Decorating a white mantelpiece is not difficult. Get creative and don’t be afraid to add some fun objects such as twinkle lights.

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