Only The Best Bath Towels for You

Treat yourself and your family with any of this luxurious Super-Plush towels and towel sets.



1. Move-In Super-Plush Towel Set

Under the Super-Plush towels line, this set is very popular as a starter bundle because of its extraordinary softness and absorbency. If you desire that spa-like experience every time you shower or take a bath, this towel set is definitely a must-have. The bundle comes with 4 bath towels, 4 wash cloths, 4 hand towels and 1 bath mat.

2. Super-Plush Towel Bundle

Super-Plush line means the best and most luxurious towels for you. It features amazing 820 GSM, 100% Turkish cotton, and is independently tested and certified for its material safeness. The set offers 2 Bath towels and 2 Hand towels.

3. Super-Plush Towel Set

The towel set offers 2 luxurious Bath towels under the Super-Plush line. Available in various colors such as Pine, Hibiscus, Graphite, and the more limited ones like Striped Fresh Lavender and Striped Deep Navy. Sets are offered at discounted prices so it’s truly a great deal all around. It is made in Turkey and features the highly durable, soft, and absorbent Turkish cotton.

4. Super-Plush Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are a bit larger than bath towels so its perfect for those larger frames or if you want to be enfolded more substantially. With 820 GSM and z-twist material and construction, these bath sheets will certainly provide the comfort and lush feeling that Super-Plush is known for. It comes with 2 Bath sheets with various colors to choose from.


5. Super-Plush Bath Sheets Bundle

Make the most of discounts offered by purchasing bundle sets such this one. It contains 2 Bath Sheets and 2 Hand towels for a perfect bathroom experience. Under the bestselling Super-Plush, you can expect the most luxurious experience with its super thick and soft materials.


6. Super-Plush Bath Robe

Wrap yourself in luxury with this Super-Plush robe to complete that perfect spa-like experience at home. Available in many sizes from XS to XL and colors from White to limited edition ones like Striped Redwood. This bath robe features deep pockets, wide sleeves and adjustable tie waist.

7. Super-Plush Wash Cloths

Offered in a set of two wash cloths, this product can likewise be used as face towel. Easy to use and care for. Featuring 100% Turkish cotton so its highly durable, soft, and thick.

8. Bath Mats

This Turkey-made product is offered at single count and available at small and medium sizes. You can choose from various tints as to your preference. It is made of heavy-duty and luxurious material to make your feet feel comfortable and warm.


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