The Top Bedroom Furniture Pieces to Add to Your Home

Are you looking to give your bedroom a makeover? Bedroom furniture is a great way to add a touch of style and comfort to your home. From classic designs to modern pieces, there are a variety of bedroom furniture pieces available to help you create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and sleep. Here, we’ll take a look at the top bedroom furniture pieces to add to your home.


1. Headboard Add-On

A headboard is an important part of a bedroom. Not only does it give your bedding some character, but it can also add an elegance to your room. There are many different styles and designs that you can use in your bedroom to give you a focal point. If you’re looking for a popular design that’s both vintage and modern, we recommend the Floyd headboard. This piece features a wood finish on top and black finish on the bottom to provide a bit of contrast.


2. The Bed Frame

A bed frame serves an essential purpose, as it holds your mattress in place. However, a bed frame doesn’t have to be boring or bland. You can take advantage of different designs and features to make your bed stand out. For example, we recommend the Floyd Bed Frame with Drawers. This design stands out by mixing the sleek lines with a rustic finish that’s both modern and stylish. The drawers offer extra storage space for keeping clothes and accessories out of the way.


3. Underbed Storage

With added storage space comes the need for more storage space. One way to accomplish this is through under bed storage. These pieces allow you to easily add extra pieces of furniture, such as a nightstand, without having to take up extra room in your bedroom. If you’re looking for under bed storage, we recommend the Floyd Underbed Storage Chest Set. This chest features a faux wood finish on top and chrome finish on the bottom to give your bedroom an elegant appearance.



4. The Flow Rug

A rug can transform the atmosphere of a room. It can help your bedroom feel more like an escape from the daily chaos, while also adding softness to it. If you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable rug, we recommend the Floyd Faux Fur Fur Rug. This rug is constructed with an array of shades of gray and white, which gives it an elegant look that’s sure to stand out in any bedroom. This design is casual and welcoming, making it perfect for any home décor style you choose.


5. Rug Pad

A rug pad is an essential accessory when it comes to rugs. This accessory provides extra comfort, as well as a barrier between the rug and the floor. You can find solid, elegant rug pads from companies such as West Elm and Crate & Barrel. However, not all companies offer thick, plush rug pads that provide extra cushioning for your feet. If you’re looking for a soft and plush pad, we recommend the Fur Rug Pad from Floyd Home. This piece is constructed with a layer of memory foam that adds comfort to your bedroom floor.


6. Form Sectional Pillows

By using a set of pillows, you can quickly fix the design of your bed. You can use them to add pillows to the head and foot sections of your bed. Additionally, you can change the look of your bed by changing out these pillows for some other designs. For instance, we recommend picking up a set of form sectionals from Chezmoi. This collection features five unique designs that come in two color choices that are sure to add a touch of style and personality to your home.


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