The Best Wall Decor From Grand Inroad

The right piece of wall decor can make or break a room. That is why Grand Inroad is on hand to help customers match the right style, materials, and themes to their rooms. Here are 8 of the best pieces on offer right now.

1) Abstract Views Wall Art

A good place to start when choosing wall art is a large canvas. Minimalist abstract views in cool tones always help create a calm atmosphere. This soft landscape is sure to captivate guests in a spare room.


2) White Dandelion Wall Art

If you prefer the idea of something a little bolder, this pair of white dandelions is very striking. The images look like the negative of a photograph and capture the seeds floating away. It is commanding and great for a focal point.


3) Winchester Gates

If you want to go in a completely different direction, there is the option of some bold metalwork for your walls instead. This set of four panels looks like windows in a cathedral, with geometric patterns set within a thin arched frame. They are a big statement.


4) Leighton Wood Wall Decor

Choosing the right material is important for the best wall decor, especially when it comes to texture. This rustic piece of carved wood is exceptionally tactile with its weathered carving. It actually complements the gates above pretty well too.


5) Woven Bamboo Wall Decor

An alternative way to bring texture to the walls is with woven wall art. This first option is the most subtle despite its size. The clean white lines have a macrame effect, but the use of bamboo makes it durable for long-term displays.

6) Woven Wall Decor

These ornaments take a different approach and look like a series of ceramic bowls at first glance. The weaving of natural materials is accomplished and intricate enough to create something with great beauty and detail. They look great as a set.


7) Abel Wall Clock

Then there is the option to go for something that doubles up as a practical item. A clock can be a beautiful piece of contemporary wall art with the right design. This one makes clever use of dark metalwork to replicate Roman numerals in a striking pattern.


8) Dog Tail Hooks

Finally, we have this quirky pair of hooks. Again, they seem like modern art at first, with the fun shape of the dogs’ backsides and tails. They would immediately brighten any dog lover’s home. But the added detail of the hook makes them perfect for leashes near the front door.

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