5 Ideas For Thanksgiving Decoration

When times come to spend as a family, the concern begins with how to decorate the table, the house and create a different and original environment for these dates, that is why we bring you these 5 ideas for ThanksGiving decoration.

1. A table with earth tones

Following this pattern of colors so characteristic of autumn, you can use a brown or white tablecloth with placemats for each place in brown tones. A good resource to use is the canvas pieces, it is an economical option and gives a rustic effect, if your table is large and made of wood you will not need to use a tablecloth, take advantage of the color and texture, and only use accessories.

2. Nature in Thanksgiving

You can make centerpieces with dried flowers and some candles made by you along with seasonal flowers. Add paraffin and light the candles to create a unique and warm atmosphere for family togetherness.

3. The main colors can be brown, orange, yellow, or green.

Following this line of earth colors you can make details for each member and add posters with her name, you can place a dried pineapple, very used at this time of year. Put it together with thread and you will make a simple and typical autumn detail and decoration for Thanksgiving and without spending money.

4. Decorate your home’s exteriors

At the entrance of each house you can do it with red apples, dry leaves, make original figures or details that surprise your family, always try to make the decoration of the house in tune with the decoration of the table

5. Decorate the windows

You can decorate the windows with small pumpkins, you can use the shell of the pumpkin to make chandeliers and place them on the windows or entrance of the house this will give it a warm and perfect touch.

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