The Best 7 Organic Towels You Should Buy

A towel is a must-have item in the bathroom. Ensure you have such items within your reach and are always ready for use. Organic cotton is perhaps the gold standard of softness and is also one of the most sustainable. It breathes better than anything else, so you do not sweat as much; it feels better on your skin and is good for the environment. If you spend time in your bathroom still covered in body wash anyway – you should consider having a towel that will stay nice-smelling longer. Here are the best seven organic towels you can buy.


1. Cloud Loom™ Organic Towels

It is a 6-piece set that includes 2 wash cloths, hand towels and bath towels. They are made of 100 percent organic cotton woven and grown in the Aegean area of Turkey. They are designed to stay fluffy and full through wear and wash; every towel will embrace you in natural comfort.


2. Air Weight® Organic Towels

It is a 6-piece set which includes two washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels. These towels, loomed from long loops of pure organic cotton, will naturally embrace you in premium fibers. It has a twill weave, enhancing natural texture variations for efficient and quick drying. The colors of the towels will evaluate your bathroom with superior absorbency.


3. Temescal Organic Towels

If you cannot decide what kind of towel to purchase, consider a Temescal Organic Towel. It is a six-piece set with two wash cloths, hand towels, and bath towels. These towels are made from 100 percent pure organic cotton and use environmentally friendly practices in their manufacturing process. They are also non-toxic, recyclable, and biodegradable, which means you will avoid worrying about destroying the earth with your old towels! The bath mat has been designed with thicker yarn for heavier weight.


4. Mediterranean Organic Towels

This towel is made from 100% organic cotton, so it is not just wrinkle-resistant but hypoallergenic. Cotton is grown in Turkey and has zero environmental impact. You can also choose a patterned towel with hand-painted designs or opt for one with an appliqué or embroidery that is personalized and unique. It is a 6-piece set with two wash clothes, two guest towels, and two bath towels. It has a lightweight textural weave which is quick to dry and naturally absorbent.


5. Air Weight Organic Bath Wrap

The way this wrap is made makes it so light and incredibly unique. Made from 100 percent cotton grown and woven in India, this bath wrap features a circle print that is just one of the perks of the design. It is super absorbent, too: it can soak up water and dry very quickly because its microfiber strands comprise 90% air space. With adjustable buttons above the bustline and fit adjustable, you can see why this bath wrap is a standout when making the most of your bathing time.


6. Air Weight® Organic Minimalist Bath Bundle

The Air Weight® Organic Minimalist Bath Bundle is made of 100% organic cotton, and its unique design helps you get in and out of the tub quickly and easily. The Pack 2 bath towels, two hand towels, bath mat, and washcloth are great for travel or dispensing your favorite scented soap or shower gel into the bathroom. The blend is easy to clean up – simply rinse by soaking in water if an exposure happens.


7. Tomales Organic Beach Towel

Tomales Organic Beach Towel is made of pure organic cotton fibers, offering you the softest touch to come home to after a day at the beach. These towels are perfect for summer as they absorb water quickly and dry fast. They are also super durable and machine washable — get this luxurious towel today, and you will never want to use any other towel again! Most importantly, they are 100% organic cotton fiber, absorb water quickly, dry fast, are super durable, and are machine washable.


The best organic towels are essential in your bathroom because they provide all these great benefits. They are so much better for your health because they will not contain harmful chemicals that may cause irritation, dryness, or even cancer. In addition, the fabric is usually certified by an independent body and will be durable and absorbent. These towels are also eco-friendly and less likely to cause damage to the environment since they are produced without dyes or pesticides.


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