Wall Art Pieces You Should Try Today

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your home decor? Wall art is an easy and fun way to do just that. Whether you’re looking for something modern, traditional, abstract, or textured, there are many different wall art pieces to choose from. To help you get started, here are wall art pieces you should try today.



1. Framed Prints

If you’re looking for something affordable, easy to hang and a great way to display a favorite photo, this is the piece for you. Framed prints are available in many sizes and styles. They can be found in tons of stores or ordered directly from a professional photo lab.


2. Canvas Prints

For something more abstract, a canvas print is an excellent choice. For the best picture quality, pick one that is under two feet by three feet in size. You can get one custom printed with your favorite design or find an already completed piece on the internet.

3. Collagewall® Displays

A collage wall is a fun, unique way to spruce up your living room. You can use one piece of artwork as the focal point or create a collage from several different pieces of art. You can get one made online if you don’t have the time or money for a custom project.


4. Standout Photo Prints

If you’ve got a great photo with a standout background, it makes for an excellent stand-alone piece of art. This is the simplest kind of photo wall art to hang and it can be purchased at wholesale from many different sources.


5. Acrylic Photo Prints

These are the next step up from the stand-alone photo print. These are a more expensive option and they can be found in many different sizes and styles. They’re popular with collectors, so if you want one of a particular subject matter, be sure you do your research first before selecting any specific prints.

6. Metal Photo Prints

For something a bit more modern, metal photo prints are also a fun and unique alternative to traditional photo prints. These can be found in many sizes and styles and they can be found in tons of stores or ordered directly from a professional studio.

7. Photo Tiles

If you’d like something colorful and a little bit more abstract for your home decor, photo tiles are an excellent choice. You can order them online or find them in many different stores. They’re available in tons of fun colors and styles.


8. Wood Photo Prints

If you’d like something a bit more traditional for your home decor, wood photo prints are an excellent choice. They are available from a number of different sources and in many different styles depending on the image you want to display. You can order them online or find them in many different stores.

9. Giclee Prints

If you have a favorite piece of art you’d like to display, this is a great option. Giclee prints are made from the original art piece and they’re printed utilizing a special printing process that brings out all the details of the piece. They’re also very expensive, so you might want to consider a photo tile or something similar for your home decor.


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