Basic Decorative Elements: Start Decorating Your Home Now

Face the decoration of our house is a fabulous adventure that maximizes our creative ability. Before decorating your home you should take into account certain BASIC DECORATIVE ELEMENTS that can help you concrete that idea that you have in mind.

Below are the BASIC DECORATIVE ELEMENTS you must have to achieve the home decor you’ve always dreamed of.

-CARPETS: this element brings warmth to any room, making that space feel cozy. Choose textures such as wool or natural fibers for your dining room or living room, which must be adapted to the size of the rooms. Choose small, long-haired carpets for the bathrooms.

-ELEMENTS OF NATURE: flowers and plants can not be missing inside your house. These elements only need water and good light for them to show off. Choose plants according to the size of the room.

-PAINTINGS: the paintings are BASIC DECORATIVE ELEMENTS that give style to any room. If you want you can group several paintings of the same style and in this way create a home art gallery. Your paintings can also contrast with the color of your walls to create a striking effect.

-AROMATHERAPY: a house must be enjoyed through the five physical senses. That’s why you should have essential oils, incense sticks, and aromatic candles that beautify your home through the sense of smell. There are fragrances like Jazmine that relax an atmosphere or citric fragrances that enhance the good energy of your home.

-CURTAINS: these accessories have the function of obscuring a room and also give you privacy. Please note that the curtains should match the color of the walls of the room and also with the predominant tone of your furniture.

-MIRRORS: these elements are an excellent resource to enlarge any room. You can choose to place a simple mirror or a sophisticated mirror that is the center of the chosen room.

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