8 Outdoor Fire Pits That May Warm Your Heart

Outdoor fire pits serve multiple functions beyond their obvious heating aspect. They can likewise embellish our exteriors and (sometimes) cook our food.

If you want a compelling fire pit that can enhance your patio design and “turn some heads,” look no further than the ones we’re about to describe, so get your fuel ready!

1.Ultimate Patio Estatewood Square Wood Burning Fire Pit

This classy piece of outdoor furniture is as compact and functional as it gets. It’s also quite the looker, with its elegant powder-coated steel frame capable of resisting the elements. Additionally, since it’s wood-powered, it comes with a handy log poker.

2. Darlee Brooklyn Aluminum Rectangular Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table

Who doesn’t love a fancy coffee table that doubles as a fire pit? What’s amazing about this fixture – apart from its multi-brown finish and tastefully minimalistic rectangular chassis – is that you can easily forget it’s actually a fire pit when the lid is on, as it turns into a beautiful flat surface to gobble over!

3. Lakeview Outdoor Designs Modernview Rectangle Propane Fire Pit Table

Maybe you didn’t have enough with a coffee table. Perhaps you actually want an _entire dinner table instead!_ This massive 83-inch fire pit has enough room for six guests, all of whom would be likely impressed by the sleek concrete cast finish and Ashwood base.

4. Lakeview Outdoor Designs Ellenwood Hexagon Natural Gas Fire Pit Table

If you’re looking for a decidedly more rustic visual, this Ellenwood definitely fits the bill. This outdoor fire pit – reminiscent of an ancient stone artifact – is ideal for more natural surroundings, and its glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) finish will guarantee heat for probably an entire reunion.

5. Darlee Brooklyn Aluminum Patio Square Propane Fire Pit Dining Table

This delightfully-looking table can do more than hold your coffee cup and muffin dish. Its enticing wood-like appearance should not cause any concern, for it’s really made of a heat-resistant material with powder coating and a multi-brown finish. It also has a lid to cover the burner when not in use.

6. Lakeview Outdoor Designs Bellawood Round Gas Fire Bowl

The Bellawood exudes natural beauty in its overt simplicity. Its bowl-like glass-fiber concrete frame is just as clever as it is serviceable, with guaranteed heat provision for hours on end.

7. Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Pit

If you only want to keep yourself warm while enjoying your favorite outdoor meal, you might only need _one_ Mesa tabletop fire pit. This small appliance is compact and portable enough to fit on a food tray and burns incredibly well thanks to its 360º Airflow. Eating out with that special someone? How about _two Mesas?

8. Lakeview Outdoor Designs Fieldwood Round Propane Fire Pit Table

This rustic and almost DIY-looking pit/coffee table brings some nautical elements to your patio layout, courtesy of its barrel-like base. It’s excellent for your autumn ale mugs with friends and acquaintances!

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