8 Easiest Outdoor Produces to Grow at Home

There’s something fulfiling in cultivating your own fruits and vegetable from tiny little seeds. Growing produce from seed offers far more variety and is less expensive. Not only they are tastier than the ones you can buy from a store, but you can also guarantee that your home-grown crops are chemical-free and healthier. For beginners, here are 8 easiest outdoor produce to grow.


1. Dwarf Cherry Tomato

The easiest tomato for newbies to grow, dwarf cherry tomatoes are a sweet darling variety packed with flavor and health benefits. Grows during summer and spring, this compact variety of seedlings can be planted anywhere. Though it needs regular pruning and additional support, its abundant produce is ready to harvest when its fruit has a beautiful red color.

2. Mini Cucumber

This compact size mini crop provides an identical refreshing crunch and taste as regular-sized cucumbers. This variety has a thinner skin and refreshing and juicy flesh. Mini cucumbers grow during summer and late spring and are best harvested when they’re 4-5 inches long.


3. Ironman Kale Mix

An assortment of kale textures and flavors. This medley of Toscano, red, and green kale can grow year-round in mild climates. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber, Iron, Calcium, and more. During fall, the cooler weather can further sweeten its leaves. For salads, this kale mix is ready to be harvested in the baby leaf stage while it’s recommended to allow it to mature if used for braising or juicing.

4. Strawberry

Sweet fruits after beautiful flowers, this strawberry variety is another must-plant in your home garden. Though it takes a while to produce compared to other herbs and greens, the bountiful harvest of red, sweet berries is definitely worth the wait. Grows during fall, spring, and summer, strawberries are ready to be harvested when their berries are deep red.


5. Green Beans

This classic, high-yielding crop produces an abundance of slender, straight green pods that has high protein, vitamins, and other health benefits. Additionally, green beans are easy to harvest and can grow during early fall, spring, and summer. Pods are ready to harvest when it gets 3-4 inches long and can be harvested again after 2-3 weeks.


6. Cilantro

This citrusy and fresh herb brightens up any of your dishes from curries to tacos. Cilantros are edible from seed to root while its stems and leaves have a distinct citrus-herbal flavor. This variety has consistent flavor, growth, and can oppose bolting. It grows year-round in mild climates and should be placed in a partly shaded area to keep cool.


7. Broccoli

Aside from being easy to grow, broccoli yields quickly. This popular vegetable boasts its versatility and vitamin content. The Blue Wind variety grows full-size crops faster than other varieties and it can grow during early spring, fall, and winter. It can already be harvested before its florets begin to spread out.


8. Green Bunching Onion

The flavor foundation of your cooking is onions. Bunching onions yields hollow, large stalks perfect for soups, stir-fries, salads, dips, and omelets. These grow year-round in mild climates. Individual stalks can be harvested by cutting them at ground level which allows them to grow back quickly for the next harvest. The health benefits of green bunching onion include Quercetin and Vitamin K.


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