10 Eco-Friendly and Luxurious Bed Linens for a Better Night’s Sleep

Studies show an increasing demand for sustainable and organic products. The demand increases as more consumers become more environmentally conscious. If you’re looking for eco-friendly and luxurious bed linings, look no further. Coyuchi has a wide range of high-quality, eco-friendly bed linings that provide maximum comfort. This article discusses the top 10 eco-friendly and luxurious bed lining from Coyuchi.


1. Organic Print Percale Sheets

Manufacturers create these bed lining with original patterns. They print the patterns onto breathable and soft percale using low-impact dyes. The patterns enhance antique woodblock printing. In addition, the organic print percale sheet  is a 100% plant-based softener and includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and corresponding pillowcases.

2. Cloud Soft Organic Sateen Sheets

It’s weighty and washed sheeting that you can use to enhance your bed linen’s raw beauty and natural appearance. These sheets are 100% cotton + soft and rich. Unlike most sateens, they’re slightly heavier, leading to soothing and breathable comfort. The manufacturer finishes it with a

miDori bioSoft softener, enhancing their smooth hand feel and dryness. The set includes a fitted, flat sheet and corresponding pillowcase(s).

3. Cascade Organic Matelasse Blanket

They’re the best bed linings with a lofty & light feel with a stitched and high-performance texture. Its 100% organic cotton composition and quilted kantha clothing enhance its softness and raw beauty. Manufacturers finish it with a simple bound edge and effortless layering.

4. Pismo Organic Throw

Manufacturers create the Pismo blanket with organic cotton fibers. The fiber and stone-washed fabric enhances its delicate texture and softness. In addition, the huge pattern of polygons and triangles makes it ideal for using solo in warmer weather or layering.

5. Pebbled Hand Stitched Organic Quilt

The manufacturer got this bed lining’s inspiration from traditional kantha quilts. They embroider each quilt  by hand to create calming waves of contrasting and tiny stitches. The quilt’s natural variations and beautiful layers ensure that you breathe comfortably. Lastly, the natural fibers feel breathable and soft to enhance year-round comfort.

6. Ashbury Organic Quilt

This specific vintage-inspired quilt comes from the artistry of traditional patchwork coats, blankets, and quilts. Manufacturers sew the 4*4 sheets in the checkerboard pattern and resing the fabric remnant to create the classic quilting circles. Afterward, they hand-stitch the natural yarn into diagonal lines holding the cotton batting together.

7. Cirrus SuperSoft Organic Cotton Throw

This bed lining features textural band-colored stripes. With these stripes, the organic throw is very attractive. The manufacturer weaves this 50” * 70” with thick organic cotton yarns to enhance its softness. In addition, it has a perfect weight that helps grace the bed’s foot all year round.

8. Madrone Knit Organic Throw

You can enjoy a warm embrace from this 50” * 70” vintage cardigan. Its chunky cardigan stitch creates a flexible and cozy hand feel evoking foggy mornings. In addition, the materials are 100% natural cotton and plant-based softeners.

9. Sequoia Washable Organic Cotton & Wool Blanket

Manufacturers make Sequoia bed linings from a machine-washable organic cotton and wool blend. The Sequoia blanket offers versatility to cover all your needs all year round. In addition, it has a cottony and soft feel to enhance the wool’s warmth.

10. Organic Jersey Sheets

The organic jersey sheets  allow you to enjoy a lived-in and natural comfort from the bag. Manufacturers make this weighty knit from prelim organic cotton. Organic cotton enhances low maintenance and lasting heirloom quality. In addition, it also features a cozy and soft hand feel with high breathability.

Above are the top sustainable bed lining from Coyuchi. They’re the best eco-friendly choices that enhance comfort without sacrificing style and comfort. You can get the one that suits your needs to enjoy a good night’s sleep or relaxation.


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