Top 10 Chandelier Lighting Options That Will Look Great In Any Home!

A chandelier is so much more than just a run-of-the-mill light fixture! When you are looking for the “Oomph factor”, nothing creates it like signature chandelier lighting.

The biggest advantage of including a chandelier in your home décor is that you are likely to find that perfect piece no matter what the size or purpose of the area that that you are shopping for. So, continue reading to find the top 11 most striking chandeliers that will be just right for your home.


1. Dazzler In The Kitchen

You have done up your kitchen in style and now are in need of that perfect light fixture? Look no further than this stunning piece in gold, black, and crystal. The eight-light stunner with crystal buds growing out of a metal log offers a touch of nature in the most elegant way possible.

So, once you have this piece illuminating the kitchen island, don’t be surprised if your guests inevitably move the conversations to the kitchen.


2. The Unmistakable Charm Of The Traditional

If you veer towards traditional when it comes to your home décor choices, this piece will be the ideal match for your living room. With dangling accents, crystal cups, and a curving frame, this 6-light beauty is all about old-world opulence and charm.

The perfect piece for the foyer or the living area, this chandelier will undoubtedly fetch a lot of compliments as your guests walk into your home.


3. Glamour In Tiers

This chandelier is called “Magnificence”, and rightly so! Faceted clear crystal glass pieces come together to create glimmer and glamor across not one, not two but five tiers.

When you want to create a warm and cozy conversation area for a twosome or want a “me-space” with just one comfortable chair placed in one corner of the living area, this is the chandelier to use to pull it all together.

It’s so utterly gorgeous that everybody in your family will be drawn to spending some time in the area illuminated by this magnificent piece.


4. The Power Of Understated Elegance

If you have a penchant for simple designs and clean lines, this Tiffany-style chandelier lighting will suit your tastes perfectly. The best part is that this design is not just about understated elegance but also about an unmistakable air of warmth.

At just a bit over 20 inches in diameter, this would be the right piece for small spaces. So, it will work exceptionally well in the dining area as well as right above the primary seating arrangement in the living room.


5. Contemporary At Its Boldest Best

Chandeliers don’t always have to be rustic or traditional, a contemporary piece can be just as striking, and this gorgeous piece proves it.

A medley of black and gold, this dramatic design will prove to be the attention grabber of a home done up in contemporary or modern styles. In fact, opt for this chandelier lighting when you want to portray a distinct undercurrent of boldness without taking up too much room.


6. Rustic With A Wild Style

Have cabin-lodge style interiors? Then do something different from the usual wrought iron fixtures. Yes, this one has the quintessential ferrous element but it is laid out in wild style with faux deer antlers used as the crowning glory of the piece.

It has a no-fuss and simple design. And that’s what makes this 6-light chandelier a stand-out fixture, which will undoubtedly grab attention.


7. Classic And Gorgeous But With A Difference

When you want to do traditional but with an element of uniqueness in it, this is the chandelier to go for. With crystal droplets, curving arms, and a candelabra-style design, this piece puts up a stunning display of classical charm.

But, what sets it apart are the gold leaf accents which bring an element of old-world decadence to the assembly. Coupled with amber crystal droplets, the gold creates an eye-popping contrast with the prism-like glimmer of the crystal. This is a signature piece that will invoke the inevitable-“Wow”.


8. Beauty In Chaos

This is a topsy-turvy, curvy masterpiece that will look just as stunning a decade down the line as it will the day you install it. Polished chrome coils encircle 9 LED lights such that the light reflects off in a different way as it hits the crests and the troughs of the metal coils winding around them.

A bold and beautiful piece that is whimsical in design and hypnotic in its appeal, this chandelier will add a dash of spice to even the most understated of decors.


9. The Simple Stunner

A classic design that comes with a luminous touch of contemporary, that’s what this chandelier is all about! The piece couples amber cups with a rich, golden-bronze frame with just the right number of curves.

The overall effect is one of sheer harmony, elegance, and warmth. This is the perfect chandelier lighting for the living area or the foyer because it does a fantastic job of creating an inviting ambiance.


10. Of Flowers And Stars

Everything about this chandelier is striking because the design uses contrasting elements, blending them in a way that they all seem to fit together perfectly.

For starters, you have the shiny bright crystals coupled with a matte black frame. The motif is inspired by flowering vines. So you have crystal flower buds growing out of a central point, bringing in the element of earth to the design.

Because they are growing upwards, seemingly reaching for the stars, there comes in the element of the sky and finally, the 5 bulbs in the center bring in the element of light. Coupled together beautifully, the light reflects off the crystals creating a rhapsody of colors that you can’t help but ogle at.


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