Glass House Garden: A Place To Feel Good

A GLASS HOUSE GARDEN creates an ideal space to rest, be at peace, invite friends over, and a place for children to play. This special place can be a recreational space for the whole family and also a place to enjoy nature. The factors to take into account are good natural light, creating a space for plants, and good furniture that is comfortable and functional at the same time. You should also know that the glazed structure must be strong and solid, even if others think it is fragile. That is why it is convenient the usage of steel in that structure.

Ideas for an ideal glasshouse garden

-Before designing your GLASS HOUSE GARDEN you must delimit perfectly space where you are going to build it. For example, reserve a small place for small plants. The good distribution of the space generates a good impression from the beginning.

-This space can be built on the basis of various materials such as aluminum or wood. However, aluminum is the ideal element because it requires little maintenance during the year.

-The furniture will vary according to the use you give to this space: breakfast, tea, reading, meditating, or receiving guests. Rustic furniture really looks great in this place, however, there is no predetermined style of furniture for these environments.

-The ideal plants for this space are evergreen shrubs, which remain beautiful and abundant throughout the year. As for flowers, you can choose acacias and jasmines.

-Choose the ideal floor for your GLASS HOUSE GARDEN: smooth gray cement, cement with ferrites, smooth calcareous bricks, patterned bricks, solid bricks, precast pavers. Any of these materials are durable, functional, and match the romantic style of these environments.


A GLASS HOUSE GARDEN takes a lot of work to create. However, you get many benefits from this space: contact with nature, relaxation, and shared recreation.

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