3 BedJet Products To Help You Sleep Better

During sleep is when you recharge your body so you can perform tasks the next day. This is why it is crucial to have a good night’s sleep. When your sleep is always interrupted by a hot or cold bed, you’ll wake up feeling irritated because you did not get enough sleep. You’ll also feel tired even before the day ends. You don’t want this. If you want to be productive, then a good night’s sleep is needed. Good thing, BedJet has created a bed climate system to help you sleep comfortably.


1. BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System

This is an affordable bed climate system for those with a limited budget. The system or box can be controlled using an app only so you must have an Android or iOS device inside the house. The system fits under your bed for a neat setup. This will help you sleep better because it can cool down or heat your bed using just air. It can also dry up a sweat in your bed. This does not come with a remote control so make sure you have an Android device to install the app which will help you control the sleep system

2. BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System

What makes this sleep system unique is its Biorhythm Sleep Technology. This feature will allow you to set up your temperature schedule throughout the night. Your bed will stay warm when you feel cold and it will stay cool when you feel hot. This is beneficial because you don’t need to wake up anymore in the middle of the night just to change the temperature of the bed. It will automatically adjust according to the scheduled temperature you have set. This is perfect for couples who have the same preferences with bed temperature or for people who sleep solo on their bed.

3. BedJet 3 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System

This is the perfect sleep system for couples who have different preferences regarding the temperature of their bed. If you often quarrel because you want the bed to be cold but your partner is easy to get cold, then this system will help end this fight. The Dual Zone control can give warm air and cool air at the same time. The left zone is independent of the right zone. This also features Biorhythm Sleep Technology for easy control. This comes with a remote control for easy navigation. This also includes a dual zone cloud sheet.

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